Veterans Court - El Paso County (346th District Court)

  • El Paso was the second in the State of Texas to launch a Veterans Court in 2009. The program provides a means to divert eligible Veteran and active service participants from the traditional criminal justice system and provide them support and rehabilitation through comprehensive substance abuse and/or mental health treatment, education, vocational programs and community resource referrals for housing, childcare, and transportation all while being judicially monitored.


  • The Veterans Court is made up of an extensive collaboration of dedicated partners including criminal justice, federal Veteran agencies, and local community veteran's organizations. The target population includes military veterans or active service members who have been charged with felony criminal offense(s) and who are identified with substance dependency and/or serious mental health issues.


  • Referrals to the El Paso Veterans Court Program are made by Judges, the VA, treatment providers, attorneys, supervision officers, public defender's office, or other Veterans Court staff to the office of the District Attorney (DA).


  • "Leave no Veteran Behind and Honor their Service"

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Attenion Veterans! If you have any needs to contact the 346th District Court (El Paso)   Please attain councel while inquring. 

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