Skillpoint Alliance- Austin, TX


Skillpoint Alliance is a 501(c)3 social enterprise that builds partnerships among industry, education and the community, leading to college and career success for Central Texans, while meeting employers’ needs for a qualified workforce.

Skillpoint Alliance programs play a major role in driving the Central Texas economy by offering opportunities for the underserved population to fill much-needed jobs, preparing the workforce for today’s technology-focused world and using project-based learning to ensure the high-tech workforce exists for the growing technology sector. Its high-impact programs represent an investment in Central Texas’ greatest resource: its human capital.


In 2011 and 2012, Skillpoint Alliance served more than 30,000 Central Texas adults and students.


  • 22,000 served through a STEM Council program, which all use project-based learning to introduce more students to the excitement of a STEM career
  • 7,000 served by the College and Career Expo, the largest event of its kind for high school juniors and seniors in Central Texas
  • 500 trained for an in-demand career by a Gateway program
  • 850 prepared for today’s computer-centric workplace with an Empower Computer Literacy program class


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