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The organization provides funds for rental, utility, burial, transportation, and health care assistance to Veterans, their dependents...

Regional MHMR. Serves veterans, military, & all who qualify financially. Provides mental health services, counseling, medications,...

Free therapeutic retreats across Texas and the US, emphasis on OND/OEF/OIF veterans.


Support for wounded Marines and their families

Mental Health Crisis Clinic, serves as interim between Acute care (ER) and ongoing mental health care. 3 locations around Houston

Regional MHMR: Hub for MVPN. Peer Support is free. Provides Mental Health Services, Counseling, Medications, and Coping Skills for...

Equine therapy with miniature horses for vets

Veterans learn to tame a wild mustang

VA's online web portal

Online resource for planning eldercare

National network of healthcare for the homeless

Navy Marine Relief Society Seal logo

Provides financial assistance & quick assist loans, emergency travel, disaster relief for retired Navy and Marine personnel, as well...

Therapy and rehabilitative services for TBI

Therapy for individuals and couples, for therapists there is clinical supervision and CEUs. 

Two free accredited web-based instructional courses on TBI. One course specialized for Social Workers, one for 2-1-1.

Supportive services for Burn and Orthopedic Wounded Warriors, help with prosthetics, rent, utility and more

Support, training and coaching for military caregivers. 

Provides T-Shirts to wounded warriors, can sometimes help with emergency funds

Emergency funds for OEF/OIF military families and families of veterans, needs must be directly due to post 9/11/ service. Emergency...

Equine-assisted psychotherapy free to veterans

No cost assistance for PTSD or TBI

Therapy dogs that will visit Nursing Homes and Military Facilities. Not a source of personal therapy dogs.

Equine Assisted Counseling with special programs for Women veterans, MST, veterans, military children, 

For Profit mental health services. Substance abuse recovery services for active military.

Counseling and Employment help for homeless veterans- all discharges

Medical equipment for low income persons

Transportation, Emergency payments for veterans around Rockport/Fulton, TX.

Physical therapy and emotional healing through working with horses, special programs for: all veterans, women veterans, and children of...

Info & resources for TBI

Trains your dog or helps  you adopt a dog to become a service dog, cost $600-1,000+ over life of 2yr program

Nonprofit that provides adaptive clothing to wounded warriors

For general public, expedited for veterans/military. Public health care and financial support

For active military, wounded warriors, transitioning military and their family. Counseling, family counseling, financial counseling

Provides support to the families of fallen and wounded Special Operations personnel- including emergency funds and mental health...

Regional MHMR: Hub for MVPN. Provides Mental Health Services, Counseling, Medications, and Coping Skills for Veterans, Military, and all...

Registration for emergency evacuation for vulnerable Texas Residents

Equine therapy for veterans

Volunteer! Audio books for the visual, learning and physically impaired who cannot read.

Animal husbandry for military children

resource center logo

Service for Aged and Disabled individuals. Home Repair, in home health aides, meals, transportation, and prescription drugs

Supportive services for burned Military and Veterans, and their families. Will purchase medical equipment for burn survivors....

Homelessness, counseling, job training, and financial help. Also specialize in MST and women veterans.

Assistance for those classified as aged or disabled. May have services beyond the VA.

Administers Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, Vocational Rehab, Disaster asst for the State of Texas

Phone line to find benefits around the state of Texas

Military transition and social gatherings for veterans

Library of information on TBI, Training classes for caregivers

Free confidential counseling for OEF/OIF veterans nationwide

seal for DOVA

VA Grant to adapt homes for disabled veterans