Warrior Gateway

The Warrior Gateway Program has been designed to promote easier reintegration into home communities. It establishes a single capability that serves as a trusted and reliable resource for the military community to quickly locate service organizations that satisfy their needs, identify academic programs they are interested in and easily find employers seeking their valuable skills, while enabling improvements in the service provider sector through metrics and collaboration.  Warrior Gateway does not directly deliver services. Instead, it allows users to easily search a database of existing service providers, to which they can then go directly for services.  Warrior Gateway: Is inclusive and free to the military community. [Note:  Anyone can use the Warrior Gateway, although there are three specific audiences that will find it useful: the military community (which includes veterans, active duty, reserve and guard members plus their spouses, families, and caretakers); service providers (particularly those which offer services to the military community); and employers (particularly those looking to hire veterans).] Eliminates information barriers and information overload Is a non-profit program Brings needed resources to one location - you Warrior Gateway is possible only through the efforts of a broad coalition of partners and sponsors.  

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