Texas Disabled Veterans Association

There exists no more courageous an individual than an American Veteran. These individuals have risked all, and at times sustained physical, mental or emotional injuries, protecting our families and our freedoms. The Texas Disabled Veteran Association (TDVA) works as an advocate for all of these outstanding men and women. We commit ourselves to every level of these individual's care and to the assurance of their service’s real and lasting rewards. The TDVA provides assistance to veterans seeking the benefits acquired through military service, provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and other local government and community agencies. We provide various charitable and volunteer outreach and service programs in order to benefit our members. By law, the TDVA also honors our responsibility to the American Armed Forces by actively recruiting and retaining energetic, experienced, dedicated and driven veterans to manage and guarantee more than adequate resources for our members in need. We strive to be a one-stop information resource for the American Armed Forces, dedicated to maximizing the quality of life and opportunities for retired, active duty, wounded and disabled veterans and their immediate family members as well as the disabled community. We would like to invite all United States citizens to enjoy the rewards and benefits of becoming a member of the Texas Disabled Veterans Association. Our members pay no annual dues, although if desired, they may make a tax-deductible, charitable donation to TDVA, at any time. By accepting the Association's membership, each member agrees to abide by the mission statement and bylaws, working toward the achievement of its purposes and acting in accordance with its precepts. Member Any American citizen who has enlisted in or been inducted into or commissioned and accepted for active duty in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard of the United States, or its allies, is eligible for Membership. He or she will have a singular vote in all TDVA polls and elections. Every voting member may vote on any Association matter by way of mail-in ballots or in person, at any Association meeting that he or she may attend, in which his or her vote is requested. Associate Members Any disabled American citizen and US citizen may become a member of TDVA upon completion of the TDVA Membership Form. The form will provide them with helpful information on one of the TDVA’s main focuses: the support of Spinal Cord Injury and Disease cures.

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