Project MEND Veterans Program

Project MEND’s mission is to provide low-income persons with disabilities with refurbished, donated medical equipment and assistive technologies that will enhance their independence, self-sufficiency and mobility.
Believing mobility and independence are basic human rights, Project MEND empowers individuals to become active members of their communities through the reuse of medical equipment.
Company Overview
Project MEND was founded by Murlin Johnson (1936-2007) in 1992 in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Johnson was born with rickets disease, an abnormal bone formation resulting from inadequate calcium in the bones. This disease required Mr. Johnson to walk with the assistance of crutches and later on in life, he was confined to using a scooter or electric wheelchair. 

While volunteering with the Texas Department of Human Services Elderly and Disabled Unit, Mr. Johnson noticed social workers clamoring for home hospital beds, wheelchairs and walkers for their indigent patients. He knew there was a wealth of discarded used medical equipment in the community. In 1993, he formed the non-profit agency Project MEND ( Medical Equipment Network for those with Disabilities ).

Project MEND has since served Texans by providing a variety of donated and refurbished medical equipment items to low income persons with disabilities.Project MEND is a non profit organization that is funded through grants from private trusts, foundations, businesses, individuals, local, state and federal governmental entities.

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