Paws for Reflection Ranch

Paws for Reflection Ranch

Partnering with animals to heal the mind, body, and spirit. 

Our Mission Statement

Provide a healing, educational, motivational, and recreational environment utilizing equine and other animal assisted therapies and experiences to enhance the quality of life for all clients, and provide a loving home, whether temporary or permanent, for animals that meet a specific criteria.

Boots of Honor (Military Programs)

Female Veterans
While being in a male dominated organization women's issues often go unnoticed or ignored.  When looking for help with addiction and mental health issues treatment for a woman is different than treatment for a man.   In this group, needs, expectations, and struggles will all be addressed from a woman's perspective.


Equine/Animal Assisted Counseling

Equine Assisted Counseling (EAC) incorporates horses into traditional counseling in a non-traditional setting. Guided through horse related activities by a licensed therapist and an equine professional, the client increases their awareness of their thoughts, words, and actions. This enables the client to recognize dysfunctional behavior patterns, define healthy relationships, improve communication, and build problem-solving skills.

Enjoying activities with one of the many Ranch animals provides opportunities for self-exploration and discussion. Our creativity flows more easily when relaxed and the Ranch animals help up to live more in the moment.

Traditional Counseling

The Ranch offers a welcome change to the hustle-bustle of daily life. Relax and watch the horses graze, or stroll along the nature trail. The natural environment provides an ideal place to quiet the mind and break down challenges.


Drum Circle Led by Board Certified Music Therapist

Using drums and auxiliary percussion instruments and clinical improvisation techniques to increase sens of community (openness, togetherness, belonging, sharing, and connectedness) and to encourage a sense of self-control and independence.

Family Events

Throughout the year, the Ranch hosts various events for families with members serving or who have served in the Armed Forces. In the near future, the Ranch hopes to begin a Summer program specifically for children of those currently serving in the Armed Forces.




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