Operation Phantom Support

The Mission

Operation Phantom Support (OPS) is the vision of SFC (ret) John Valentine. After serving 20 years in the US Army, and with multiple deployments, John realized how hard it is to assimilate back into a “normal life”. It is his mission, to find a way to help soldiers and veterans help themselves and their families. He accomplished this by developing a charity that gives back directly to them and their Battle Buddies.

Operation Phantom Support provides direct help to our Service men, women, and veterans by accepting donations to our Phantom Corps. These donations provide the charity with funding to operate our programs.


HOW WE DO IT.... The Phantom Corps!  Click Here to join! 

We accomplish this mission of support by asking those we help directly to join our Phantom Crops and donate $10 once a month, and by doing so they can use all our programs as often as they need to, based on funds available. It's a way Soldiers and Veterans can help themselves and each other by donating to a Charity that give back directly to them. 

Provide assistance to soldiers, and veterans who sacrificed for us, so they may live in peace and comfort.

We are dedicated to assisting active military service members, veterans who served honorably, and their families, by providing programs and services to those in need.

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(254) 449-7441