Kerr County Mental Health Center

Welcome to Hill Country MHDD Centers

Providing mental health, individual developmental disability, substance abuse, and early childhood intervention services throughout the greater Texas Hill Country.  

Mission: "Promoting Independence, Community Integration, and Recovery."


  • We are responsible first and foremost to the people we serve.
  • We treat all people with respect and dignity.
  • We foster an environment of integrity and trust.
  • Responsible and creative use of resources allows us to provide the most effective and efficient services possible.
  • We value personal uniqueness and acknowledge that people share needs, rights, desires, and capabilities.
  • We understand our responsibility to educate people and maximize learning opportunities.
  • With information and support, people have the opportunity to make informed personal choices and become more self-reliant.
  • We recognize the importance of, and foster, family involvement in peoples' lives.
  • We operate in partnership with the community, appreciating its uniqueness and strength.
  • We strive for excellence, using continuous quality improvement.
  • Quality is linked to customer satisfaction - both ultimately measured by our ability to meet the individual requirements of people we serve.

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