Holly Lake Veterans Resource - Welcome Home PTSD Survivor

The HLVRC in association with the “Green Zone” of Tyler, Texas, provides “Peer-to-Peer” group 
sessions on a weekly basis to veterans residing in the rural northeast Texas area to show that
they are not alone, by trained “group facilitators” and “Certified Peer Support Specialist” in the 
areas of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), 
Military Sexual Assault (MSA) on an individual or family basis.  

Who are we?  We are a couple of veterans that decided to be part of the solution for 
combat Vets who have unresolved mental, physical and or emotional issues.  These issues
impact their lives as well as their family and friends in many different ways and can/have 
cause(d) them to believe that there is no hope for a future worth living or they have to 
settle with their diagnosis.

We also provide “spirituality training” (which is a requirement if you are enrolled in the 
Veterans Administration, two month residency, PTSD program) as an OPTION consisting 
of a non-denominational bible study (Whole man, New Life Series, Bible based learning 
experience) done either in-house, via correspondence or SKYPE (requires internet connection).

Additionally, we assist veterans in applications for disability, VA medical enrollment, income 
tax filing and;  * SNAP food benefits (food stamps). * Health-care benefits (Medicaid and CHIP), 
* Cash help for families (TANF), * Medicare savings programs, * Free cell phones * Donated 
vehicles, * Pro Bono Legal Aid (family/divorce,wills and misdemeanors) and Veterans court.

We also have volunteers;
* Vets assisting vets:
-That are  willing to transport vet to doctor, VA clinic, HLVRC meeting, grocery store, VA hospital.    
    (gas cards and/or mileage reimbursement provided)
-Provide small repairs (electrical, plumbing, paint), yard cleanup, coordinate with the Green Zone
Who  bus homeless vets to site for same.

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Mike Beck (MVPN)