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GCV Initiatives

Green Collar Vets National Program provides online assistance to veterans in selecting and securing their next career in rapidly-growing, multi-faceted green Industries. We are currently designing and raising funds for the infrastructure to support this program.

Green Collar Vets Local Chapters link training and employment opportunities in their region and offer green scholarships to qualified veterans.  Our first chapter is the North Texas Chapter, with plans to add 2 more in 2013.

NM2 - We are Next Mission New Mexico (NM2). A public/private non-profit collaboration focused on helping Veterans transition from the military to become successful members in the private sector. Learn more about this initiative here.

This Veterans resource hub is a “reverse boot camp” that helps veterans re-tool their skillset to meet the demands of life in the private sector- preparing them for their NEXT MISSION.

Green Collar Vets focuses on linking newly-separated military veterans with green collar career opportunities and offers additional community support to assure their success.  In the coming years, many of the actions that will be taken to stabilize the climate will also offer local, regional and national benefits.  One such benefit is the opportunity to create jobs that are cost-sensitive to the environment, to economics, and to society.  Jobs that contribute to a family’s prosperity, health, and culture also benefit the community.  When the jobs provide eco-friendly outcomes, we all benefit.

It is often difficult to find within an existing private-sector workforce, quality individuals ready to change the status quo and embrace this emerging people, planet, and profit economy.  The men and women of our military represent a group that is highly skilled in the business of adaptability and has already demonstrated their passion to make this world safe.  It is a logical next step to provide them with the skills and knowledge to become part of an industry that has evolved to make this world a better place.  The men and women placed into these industries will bring this business of green mainstream.

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