Family Endeavors - Supportive Services for Veteran Families

Family Endeavors' Community Based Services program offers Homeless Prevention & Stabilization Services to Veterans

Services are provided to:

  • Very low income Veteran families
  • Veterans currently living in their home & at risk for eviction
  • Veterans currently homeless and scheduled to move into housing within 90 days or
  • Veterans that have become homeless within the past 90 days

Case Management
- Development of a Housing Stability Plan
- Assistance to obtain benefits
- Referrals to community agencies

Limited Financial Assistance
- Based on financial need
- Assistance available for rent, utilities and/or deposits, child care, auto repair, moving and storage costs, bus fare
- Emergency supplies
- Limited legal assistance
- Budget and housing counseling 

We focus on each Veteran and their family’s unique needs. Housing is our first priority. 

Then we help families set strategies and locate resources for long term success. 

Our program is a “help up” and not a “hand out”.


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Lead Mentor - SSVF Program
210-431-6466 ext. 117