Career and Recovery Resources, Inc.

Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. is a non-profit, United Way agency established in 1945. Our mission is to help people identify and overcome barriers to employment. We provide a wide array of services to a diverse population.

Vision Statement

Be the premier agency providing services for people with barriers. 

On June 24th, 2013, Univision Channel 45 invited a representative from Career and Recovery Resources, Inc., Mr. Buddy Oviol, Case Manager with the Supportive Services for Veteran Families, to their live morning program. Buddy talked about the Barrier Breaker Luncheon taking place that day, and informed the public about the variety of programs at the agency. We are grateful to Univision for the opportunity to be interviewed about Barrier Breaker and information on employment services and additional agency programs.

Veteran Services: These programs provide employment and housing assistance, case management, training services, and connection to VA benefits, and are all supported and guided by our Veteran Services Business Advisory Council.

Our Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program (HVRP), at 2403 Caroline – (713) 754-7051, collaborates with many veteran-serving organizations, including the VA, to ensure that homeless veterans receive all possible assistance in re-entering the workforce and community life in general. Over 70% of these veterans come to us earning between zero and $5,000 per year. Services include job readiness training, certification, and placement for individual homeless veterans.

Our Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), at 2403 Caroline – (713) 754-7059, strives to leverage funding and our numerous community partnerships, to prevent homelessness and enhance the housing stability of very low-income veteran families. Since loss of a job is the # 1 trigger causing homelessness, this program has a strong job placement component. Our goal is to outreach to 300 low-income veteran families, to enroll 150 families, to place 100 family members in jobs, to provide Temporary Financial Assistance to 75 families, to link 100 families to new public or VA benefits, and to place 100 families in housing they can afford. To qualify, the veteran families must be homeless or at risk for homelessness and earning less than 50% of the Area Mean Family Income.)


Our Returning Veterans Program, in Central Placement at 2525 San Jacinto, helps all veterans (regardless of homeless status or type of discharge) to find and retain employment. Please call 713.754.7050 






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713-754-7051 (Homeless Veterans),
713-754-7059 (Supportive Services),
713-754-7050 (Returning Veterans),
713-754-7014 (Post 9-11 Funding Assistance)