Busy Bee Wellness Center

Serving the Houston Community for More than a Decade

The Agency’s mission is to build stronger, healthier communities by enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable families in minority, at-risk communities. 

Company Overview
We are a Community-Based Organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for at-risk communities. Bee Busy, Inc provides HIV/AIDS information, education and testing to millions every year who visit our website, offices, and informational programs. Our visitors represent a the full spectrum of society from young to old, HIV positive and negative, many beliefs, races, nationalities. We give people the information and prevention services they need, or direct them to someone who can.

Using skills-building techniques and thought-provoking activities, Bee Busy’s vision is to empower disenfranchised families by offering alternative solutions for personal growth and development improving knowledge, self-esteem, and self-efficacy through culturally diverse and age-appropriate programs designed to prohibit self-destruction.

General Information
Hours of Operation:
Monday- Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: By appointment only

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