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'Green' and environmentally friendly jobs listings

Employment transition for military to employment & professional apprenticeships

Meeting place for veterans and their families- hosting peer counseling, caregiver support groups, aide and referral to other help as...

Professional social networking for the employment of military and veterans

Website- job board for veterans

Part of US Chamber of Commerce Foundation- hiring events for military, veterans and spouses

Entrepreneurial training and Military Transition for Veterans, Veteran Spouses, Women Veterans and Disabled Veterans.

National Guard job placement program.

Military support services for the Texas Military Forces.

'One Stop' drop-in for peer support, job, and homelessness help.

For Veterans and individuals, offers resume help, job placement, and skill-building courses

Jobs listing for military, veterans and families

Job mentoring for veterans.

Occupational skills planning, and job listings

Start a business for veterans!

Technical tradeskills training for veterans

Jobs and job training in the oil industry for OEF/OIF veterans.

For National Guard, NG Reserve and their immediate family- 8 wk boot camp to start a business or nonprofit.

Emergency funds for OEF/OIF military families and families of veterans, needs must be directly due to post 9/11/ service. Emergency...

Recruiter of officers, NCOs, and Technicians to private sector jobs

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Pilot program for small business loans for veterans

People Fund

Educational workshops for entrepreneurs of small businesses or nonprofit organizations.

For Profit Military Transition resume help and coaching agency.

Emergency food bank, homelessness help, counseling, income tax prep, small business classes, job search and prep

Job search & resume help for women veterans also a professional association of women veterans

Tools to assist with independent living for those with disabilities

Employment recruitment of service-disabled veterans to the job market

Recruitment firm of veterans

Emergency payments, food and jobs help for veterans and their families

Emergency payments, food and jobs help for veterans and their families

Emergency payments, food and jobs help for veterans and their families

Emergency payments, food and jobs help for veterans and their families

Entrepreneurial training and education in the Austin area, one-on-one and confidential

Teaches in-demand job certifications to veterans 

No cost consulting , training, counseling & technical assistance to small businesses & startups. Specialized veteran programming...

For active military, wounded warriors, transitioning military and their family. Counseling, family counseling, financial counseling

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Services for women veterans and their families, helps with housing, jobs and transportation.

Career & life coaching free to veterans. 

Jobs for transitioning military

Job, mentorship and leadership services for transitioning women veterans.

Homelessness, counseling, job training, and financial help. Also specialize in MST and women veterans.

Association for Veteran Officers that are Entrepreneurs

Recruiting veterans to work in water utilities

Federally funded, assists in teaching certification in Texas for retiring and transitioning military (up to 3 years after)

VA claims help, Job search help, Hazlewood Act (education), Help Vets start a business, Women Veterans Program, Fund for Veterans'...

One on one employment and military transition help

Texas listing of veteran services

Texas Veterans Program, Worklife Institute

Military transition assistance, Divorce and Financial Law help, Marriage counseling, Resume and jobs help

Texas Workforce Veteran Employment Liaisons work with veterans and transitioning military for success in the job search

Tools to translate military duty to civilian jobs for resumes