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What Is The Central Texas Veteran Services Coalition (CTVSC)?

The Central Texas Veteran Services Coalition (CTVSC) is a coalition of entities in and around Travis county that provide services to Veterans who live in the region. Our mission is to facilitate a "no wrong door" service policy for Veterans by increasing awareness – among our member organizations, other organizations, and the public at large - of the services we provide, and facilitating communication across veteran service organizations in the central Texas area.

This page contains information for current and future CTVSC members as well as the public. The tabs below contain:

  • A roster of CTVSC members with contact info, 
  • Agendas for past and future meetings,
  • Meeting minutes for past meetings,
  • A calendar of future meeting dates with location and contact info, and
  • A link to our Facebook page.

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Want to talk to someone about the CTVSC? Call Jonathan Leistiko at 512-341-4961.

Want a comma-separated spreadsheet of the most up-to-date roster of CTVSC members? Go to http://texvet.org/ctvsc_roster

Want an up-to-date, comma-separated spreadsheet of just CTVSC members' email addresses? Go to http://texvet.org/ctvsc_roster_only_email

Name Email Address Organization Name Job Title
Mr. Christopher Araujo christopher@milvetpeer.net Austin Travis County Integral Care MVPN Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Aronson jennifer.aronson@austin.utexas.edu University of Texas at Austin Program Coordinator - Veteran Spouse Netowrk
Mr. Russell Arterberry russell.g.arterberry.ctr@us.army.mil Texas Military Forces Family Assistance Specialist
Anna Baker anna.baker@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission Women Veterans Initiative
Luann Barron lu.a.barron.ctr@mail.mil TXARNG State Family Programs Family Assistance Specialist
Thomas Belton III tjbelton@tarrantcounty.com Veterans County Service Officer
Sabrina Bentley sabrina.bentley@wilco.org Williamson County CSCD Specialty Courts Coordinator
Luzmila Bercik LMSW luzmila.bercik@va.gov Central Texas Veterans Health Care System HUD-VASH Case Manager
Samuel Blanks samuel.blanks@twc.state.tx.us Texas Veterans Leadership Program
Elisa Borah elisa.borah@austin.utexas.edu University of Texas at Austin
Amber Brown amber.brown.d64r@statefarm.com State Farm Insurance Marketing Coordinator
Patience Buchanan pbuchanan@corehealth.com CORE Healthcare Director of Marketing and Business Development
Mr. Michael Buell austinfurniturebank@gmail.com
Ryan Burke rburke@frontsteps.org Front Steps SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) Program Manager
Mr. Micah Burnett micah@texvet.org TexVet Initiative Communications Specialist
Heather Campbell heather.campbell@austincc.edu Austin Community College Student Life Coordinator
Robert Cano rcano@agif-nvop.org American GI Forum NVOP Director of Client Service
Eva Carwile eva.s.carwile.ctr@mail.mil Texas Army National Guard
Mr. Lee Cavender LMSW lee@samaritan-center.org Military Veteran Peer Network Field Clinician
Jennifer Cerretti jennifer.cerretti@goodwillcentraltexas.org Goodwill Industries of Central Texas Operation Goodjobs Grant Manager
Carolyn Colley ccolley@lonestarlegal.org Lone Star Legal Aid Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow - Military and Veterans Unit
Kevin Collier kevin.collier1@va.gov Veterans Administration OIF/OEF/OND Program Patient Relations Specialist
J Craig Combs joe.craig.combs@gmail.com Texas Veterans Commission Community Partners Coordinator
Fernando Conejo fernando.conejo@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission
Kevin Cross kevin.cross@goodwillcentraltexas.org Goodwill Industries of Central Texas Veteran Retention Career Case Manager
LaWanda Davis lawanda_parks@yahoo.com A New Entry
Christine Duffy-Gill MSW, LCSW christine.duffy-gill1@va.gov Central Texas Veterans Health Care System Temple Suicide Prevention Coordinator
Teresa Durant teresasdurant@gmail.com
Eugene Edwards eugene.edwards@goodwillcentraltexas.org Goodwill Industries of Central Texas Project Coordinator
Badih Elarba badih.elarba@redcross.org Red Cross SAF AmeriCorps Vista
Ronda Englander ronda@comfortcrew.org Comfort Crew for Military Kids
Chris Essman cessman@caritasofaustin.org Caritas Intern
Mr. Rush Evans revans@tlsc.org Texas Veterans Legal Assistance Project Outreach/Intake Specialist
Bldg 35071 Fort Hood george.m.butry.ctr@mail.mil Army Wounded Warrior Program Army Wounded Warrior Program Advocate
Cecilia Galliano cgallian@austincc.edu Austin Community College
Michael Giles dmichaelgiles@gmail.com
Rosa Gonzalez-Abrego rgonzalez-abrego@eastersealstx.org Easter Seals Central Texas Housing Programs Director
Tina Griego tinagriego@austinecho.org ECHO / National Guard HMIS Trainer
Kerri Harmon kerriharmon@gmail.com Texas State University Counseling supervisor
Donna Harrell dharrell@wilco.org Williamson County Veteran Services Director/County Service Officer
Harvey Mikulencak harvey.l.mikulencak.ctr@us.army.mil ARNG Survivor Services Program Survivor Outreach Services Support Coordinator
Kirsha Haverlah kirsha.haverlah@co.travis.tx.us Travis County Constable Pct. 5
Neteka Haywood nhaywood@austincc.edu Austin Community College - Round Rock Campus
Walter Hodge walter.hodge@va.gov Veterans Administration Health Benefits Eligibility Assistant
Margaret Jacobsen mluvstab@gmail.com Bethany Lutheran Church - Operation Barnabas
Mr. Perry Jefferies perry@texvet.org TexVet Manager
Narissa Johnson narissa.johnson@121giving.com 121Giving.com Director, Community Partnerships
Paul Julio paul.julio@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission Regional Outreach Coordinator for the Central Texas Region for Employment Services
Harvey Kitzman hkitzman@austin.rr.com
Ms. Aimee Klich aklich@caritasofaustin.org Caritas (SSVF) Veteran Specialist
Nicolina Kozak nkozak@frontsteps.org Front Steps SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families)
Debi Krakar debi@austindogalliance.org Austin Dog Alliance Executive Director
Megan Kunkle-Ballard megan.kunkle-ballard@traviscountytx.gov Travis County Correctional Complex Youth & Veterans Program Coordinator
David Leamon dleamon@lonestarlegal.org Lone Star Legal Aid Managing Attorney
Tina Lee tina.lee@austintexas.gov City of Austin Veterans Program Coordinator
Jonathan Leistiko contactus@texvet.org TexVet Initiative Webmaster
Leila Levinson leilalevinson@yahoo.com Veterans Children
Amanda Lokey amanda.lokey@va.gov Central Texas Veterans Health Care System HUD-VASH Case Manager
Rhonda Mack rhonda.mack@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission DVOP
Pam Maercklein pam.maercklein@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission Women Veterans Coordinator
Pam Maercklein pamela.maercklein@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission Women Veterans Claims Coordinator
Jay Marshall jayamarshall@yahoo.com Bethany Lutheran Church - Operation Barnabas
Angela Marshall operationbarnabasbethany@gmail.com
Luis Martinez lmartinez@caritasofaustin.org Caritas (SSVF) Veteran Specialist
Greg McCormack gmccormack@frontsteps.org Front Steps SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) Program Director
Bill McLellan bmclellan@gmail.com
Armando Medina amedina@austinfoodbank.org Capital Area Food Bank of Texas Bilingual Social Services Outreach Coordinator
LT COL Andrew Mellon USMC Ret. andrew@ourdigitalheroes.org Our Digital Heroes Foundation President
Adrenne Mendoza amendoza@mealsonwheelsandmore.org Meals on Wheels and More Veteran Services Case Manager
Andrew Miller andrew.miller@va.gov VA-HUD VASH Veterans Program Manager
Rachel Mims rachel.mims@tstc.edu Texas State Technical College TSTC Veterans Programs
Margie Moore margie.moore@cybertex.edu Cybertex Institute of Technology
Michelle Morgan michelle.morgan4@va.gov VA OIF/OEF
Ali Nichols anichols@bigmentoring.org Big Brothers Big Sisters Enrollment Specialist
Jaime Nicoletti jaime.nicoletti@va.gov Austin Vet Center Veterans Program Outreach Specialist
Mr. Tom Orlando ceo@h4v.org Homes4Vets CEO
Cameron Ostrum costrum@eastersealstx.org Easter Seals Central Texas Community and Housing Services
Niki Paul nikipaul@austinecho.org ECHO
Lerla Pettiford lerla.j.pettiford.ctr@mail.mil Texas Army National Guard
Preston Petty prestonpetty@austinecho.org ECHO
Wes Pierce wes@heroesnightout.org Heroes Night Out Manager
Megan Podowski mpodowski@caritasofaustin.org Caritas (SSVF) SSVF Program Manager
Jaclyn Powers jpowers@caritasofaustin.org Caritas (SSVF) VISTA
Kurt Rager krager@afsc.com Army OneSource State Community Support Coordinator - Texas
Miguel Ramirez mramirez@agif-nvop.org American GI Forum Caseworker
Jessica Rheinlander jessica.m.rheinlander.ctr@mail.mil Transition Assistance Advisor
Lisa Rivers lisarivers302@gmail.com Transitions: Horses and Heroes Financial Director
Brad Robichaux brad.robichaux@va.gov Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation & Vet Success Counselor @ ACC
Sonia Rodriguez srodriguez@mealsonwheelsandmore.org Meals on Wheels and More Case Manager, Client Services; Administrative Asst., Veterans Services
Dedan Rodriguez rodrodriguez@theaarpodcast.com The After Action Review Host / Webmaster
Roberta Roque rroque@drtx.org Disability Rights Texas
Ms. Betty Sandefur betty@texvet.org TexVet Business Coordinator
Patty Sanders patty.a.sanders.civ@mail.mil US Army Reserves Family Readiness Support Assistant
Nora Sarkey nstarkey@raobinsoncreek.hh.com Robinson Creek Hospice
Kathy Schoemer kathy.schoemer@tvc.state.tx.us Texas Veterans Commission
Carrie Sconza texaswomenvets@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission Women Veteran's Outreach Coordinator
Carrie Sconza texaswomenvets@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission Women Veteran's Outreach Coordinator
Carrie Sconza texaswomenvets@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission Women Veteran's Outreach Coordinator
Carrie Sconza texaswomenvets@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Commission Women Veteran's Outreach Coordinator
Zubin Segal zubin.segal@goodwillcentraltexas.org Goodwill Industries of Central Texas Communication Manager
Pamela Seymour pamela.s.seymour.ctr@mail.mil Texas Army National Guard TXNG Family Assistance Specialist
Jermaine Shorter jermaineshorter@unitedforthepeople.org United For The People President
Dylan Shubitz dylans@hacanet.org HACA HUD-VASH Coordinator
Larry Spiers dev@h4v.org Homes4Vets
Shandra Sponsler shandra.b.sponsler.civ@mail.mil Texas Army National Guard Family Support Services Deputy Branch Manager
Elliott Sprehe elliott.sprehe@tvc.texas.gov Texas Veterans Organization Public Affairs Officer
Jason Stewart jason.stewart@goodwillcentraltexas.org Goodwill Industries of Central Texas Veteran Project Coordinator
Joe Strychalski jstrychalski@bigmentoring.org Big Brothers Big Sisters VP of Programs, BBBS of Central TX
April Sullivan april@vsatx.org VSA Texas Artworks Director
Dr. Louella Tate ltate@austincc.edu Austin Community College Dean of Student Services
Abby Tatkow atatkow@caritasofaustin.org Caritas Landlord Outreach Specialist
Mr. Paul Theobald paul_theobald_hc@house.state.tx.us Texas House of Representatives Committee Director, Texas House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee
Victoria Thompson jfasue@yahoo.com Texas Veterans Commission
Jessica Trofe jtrofe2016@gmail.com TXARNG Psychological Health Coordinator
Zen VanLoan zen.vanloan@jcep.info Texas Army National Guard TXNG Job Connection Education Program Rep
Talia Vasquez-Rader talia.vasquezrader@goodwillcentraltexas.org Goodwill Industries of Central Texas Placement Specialist
Ms. Pia Villalon pvillalon@cpinc.org Texas Center Point Veterans Services Program Coordinator
Casey Wade casey.wade@twc.state.tx.us Texas Veterans Leadership Program Community Outreach Liasion
BethAnn Warwick bwarwic1@austincc.edu Austin Community College - Round Rock Campus Special Projects Coordinator
Ms. Sam Wassiel sam.wassiel@helpmatehomecare.com
Janet Wenig janet.wenig@va.gov VA-HUD VASH
Wendy Whipple wendy.whipple@goodwillcentraltexas.org Goodwill Central Texas Placement Specialist II
Catherine Williams catherine.williams9@va.gov VA-HUD VASH VASH Case Manager
Rita Willoughby rita@comfortcrew.org Comfort Crew for Military Kids Director of Development
Erin Young erin.young@va.gov VA-HUD VASH VASH Case Manager
Ms. Angela Young angela.young@va.gov Austin Vet Center Office Manager - Outreach
Valerie Zimmerman vzimmerman@wilco.org Veterans County Service Officer- Asst
Title Occurs on Address
Central Texas Veteran Services Coalition Meeting - Dec 4, 2014 December 4, 2014 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Texas A&M Health Science Center
3950 North A.W. Grimes Blvd.
78665 Round Rock , TX
Central Texas Veteran Services Coalition Meeting - Oct 29, 2014 October 29, 2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Disability Rights Texas
2222 West Braker Lane
78758 Austin , TX
Central Texas Veteran Services Coalition Meeting - Sep 17, 2014 September 17, 2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
The McCabe Center
1915 E. Martin Luther King Blvd
78702 Austin , TX


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