Research and Women Veteran Homelessness

It's been a busy time here at TexVet supporting the 2d TexVet Symposium - Research on the Road.  Thanks again to the United Way of Greater Houston, Harris County Veteran Service, and Combined Arms for the support, facilities, and success in bringing quality information to many who will put it to good use.  Check out the wrap up here.

Which brings us to a small point of pride. During the first version of this we were privileged to hear about research Lily Casura was doing for her master's work.  Now, we can all read and see much of what she produced in this well done and attention grabbing series on woman Veteran homelessness.  

“Housing is the fundamental need” for women veterans, says Army Reserve Maj. Jas Boothe. “It’s the foundation of stability, and having it starts a positive domino effect.” “Most people take basic housing for granted,” Rosie Palfy agrees. “Just having a key to your own place is priceless.”

This is the last installment of the series, but at the end of the story are links to it all: 

The reporting for this series was conducted under a Howard G. Buffett inaugural grant from the International Women’s Media Foundation. The first two articles, “G.I. Jane Needs a Place to Sleep” and “Into the Gap: Women Veterans Describe Homelessness,” are linked here and here. The bonus material, “Camaraderie Offsets Trauma for Women Veterans,” is linked here

Check them all out.  Lily got after it and you should too.

February 21, 2017 - 1:22pm