Books, Arts, and Radio day

Good morning TexVet!  Always a great day to work with a great team at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center.  Best wishes Ms. Betty – come home soon.

Just a couple of quick notes with some updates – first – remember to tune in today at 1:30 to KOOP radio for Boots on the Air.  If you’re in the Austin area you can find that at 97.1 on your FM dial or stream anywhere in the world from  Michael Brown will host today’s segment on Vietnam Veterans including the amazing Ken Wallingford, Ed Donovan, and Alan Pogue.  I’m not really sure why they let me talk but they do, so tune in and see what I can screw up.

Even better news is that two Veterans have new books on the shelves, each telling compelling stories from the latest wars.  I was fortunate to appear on KUT radio a couple of years ago with Houston native and tanker Brian Van Reet, whose new book “Spoils” is debuting and wowing critics everywhere.  Sometimes fiction is the truest story.  Check it out from Le Boudreaux Books.  It’s been selected as one of the best books of 2017 by both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Don’t take my word for it – read the latest review in Numero Cinq.  I just received a copy from Brian (thank you very much) and a quick scan tells me this is a book to read and think deeply about.

Also check out Michael Zacchea writing with Ted Kemp on “The Ragged Edge A U.S. Marine’s account of leading the Iraqi Army Fifth Battalion.”  Thousands know Michael from his work with the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp for Veterans and mentoring young Vets to start businesses.  I know him from his courageous work with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (  America will know him for writing the book that Leatherneck Magazine says: "Written so ably...that it demands acknowledgment as a textbook, and should be required reading for every soldier activated and stationed in the Middle East."

Dive in, or produce your own media and most importantly, stories.  One great way to do that in Texas is through the VSA Texas and Texas Commission on the Arts Veterans programs.  Check out their page and various activities here.  These folks are all really getting after it.

April 10, 2017 - 8:56am