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June 19, 2017

By Sam Peshek, Texas A&M University Marketing and Communications

The Pat Tillman Foundation announced that Texas A&M University student-veterans Jarrod Romine and Anthony Dolomisiewicz have been selected as 2017 Tillman scholars.

June 19, 2017

Opioid use, addiction, and the challenges of overcoming addiction are hot topics for our Veterans and those that work with them today.  Many alternative therapies are springing up as Veterans look for ways to avoid or overcome addicting pills for real conditions they incurred in the service.  Months of carrying heavy loads, parachuting from aircraft, even continually jumping from armored vehicles onto concrete leave many Vets with a lifetime of chronic pain.  The VHA and others have used recommended solution

June 20, 2017

Bell County State of Texas Seal“It’s not about the tough times, but when you take the next step, what are you going to do?”

June 16, 2017

Congratulations to Tony for taking care of Vets and more in Copperas Cove (from the Governor's announcement:):

June 16, 2017

Mastering Your Marriage is a 6 month couples retreat program that will be offered to married veteran couples through The University of Texas at Austin, and to married active duty military and first responder couples through Baylor University. 

Veteran couples living within a 100 mile radius of Temple, Texas, and active duty military and first responder couples living within a 100 mile radius of Waco, Texas are eligible. 


June 14, 2017

Today is the United States Army’s 242d birthday.  Coming to work, I dutifully changed the Facebook banner, threw out a shared post or two, liked my friend’s tweets about the event.  Then I went about my day.  It is also Flag Day – another post – find a beautiful picture of the flag.  It’s pretty difficult to take a bad picture of an American flag.  Then, halfway through the day, Betty gives me a hard time and assigns me to do a blog about the Army.  So, okay, here is part of the story.  Some of it might be true.

June 13, 2017

We’re excited to continue to do more for our veterans in the Austin community.  Some of you may have seen or heard about the press conference last week, announcing the City of Austin Economic Development Department's Veterans Small Business Loan Initiative.  The Veteran Business Loan is part of the Family Business Loan Program (FBLP), a public-private partnership between the City of Austin Economic Development Department and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which offers a low-interest rate loan and low borrower equity requirements to help create or expand a business.

June 12, 2017

KOOP Radio (91.7 FM in the Austin area) came through again, allowing us to connect great researchers with their listening audience.  Our theme this week was “Research on Veteran’s Recovery and Well-Being.”  Our guests were Dr. Michael Russell, the director of Waco (and all of Texas) VISN 17’s Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War Veterans, Dr. Suzannah Creech from the Center of Excellence, and Dr.

June 9, 2017

I wrote about G way, way back (November 7, 2009 to be exact) ... in my personal cloud space ... but it was so good to pull it out recently and read. It made me evaluate and realize how, once again, the passage of time changes everything ... everything ... as does military service overseas in a time and place of war and death.  

And sometimes it doesn't have to be overseas either ...  

June 8, 2017

One Memorial Day 2017, I had the privilege of attending the Tolling of the Bell Submariners Ceremony at Memorial Park in Round Rock. The ceremony is held at the US Submariners Memorial commemorated by a MK-14 MOD-3 Torpedo which lists all boats lost prior to WWII, during WWII, and after WWII. 

The submarine veterans of Central Texas gather annually at this ceremony to remember all those who are "On Eternal Patrol". Each submarine and number of crew lost is read by submarine veterans followed by a toll of a bell to honor the memory of those lost at sea.

June 7, 2017

Here's the latest promo for next week's ROCO show - tune in and hear from some of our favorite research scientists!


May 23, 2017

Mental health is a sensitive subject that can be difficult to talk about. So during Mental Health Awareness Month this May and year-round, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) encourages you to use your voice. Show your support for our Nation’s Veterans by helping to foster a positive national conversation about Veteran mental health

May 22, 2017

You may be eligible for a non-medication insomnia treatment study for improving sleep and managing GWI symptoms. 

Do you have Gulf War Illness (GWI) symptoms? 

Do you have trouble falling/staying sleeping? 

Telephone interviews/intervention & mail in assessments mean you can participate from home. 

Receive treatment for insomnia and up to $435 compensation. 

May 22, 2017

22 May 2017 - Killeen, TX

Samuel Little from Temple High School received the CenTex MOAA $1,500 ROTC Scholarship.  Sam will be attending Texas A&M University next year enrolling in Navy ROTC.

Nataniel Urbina from Harker Heights High School received the CenTex MOAA $1,000 Scholarship.  Nataniel will be attending the University of Texas at San Antonio next year enrolling in Army ROTC.

May 8, 2017

A message from the leadership at KLRU on the screening of the Vietnam War.  The TexVet team very much appreciated the invite and are excited to see the entire film.